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National Mini Blind Injury Attorneys Help Families and Fight for Window Covering Safety

The mini blind cord attorneys at the Onder Law Firm are the nation’s premier window blind injury litigators. We have handled and won settlements more than any other mini blind attorneys. Our extensive research has resulted in the largest collection of “smoking gun” documents, proving the window covering industry has routinely chosen profits over consumer safety for decades. On the behalf of the more than 60 families whose cases we have worked on, and all the families whose child has been harmed by dangerous window coverings, we are leading advocates pushing the Consumer Products Safety Commission to issue mandatory regulations. Through litigation, research, and advocacy, our window blind cord lawyers are committed to achieving justice on behalf of American families harmed by mini blind cord strangulation.

Leading Window Blind Cord Lawyers – Our Record

Since 2003, our mini blind cord choking lawyers have handled, consulted in, and settled more than fifty cases in over 30 U.S. states. Prior to our work, families filing blind cord choking claims hired a local attorney who had no specific knowledge of the Window Covering Manufacturing Association or the industry at large. With only one such case, each of these small law firms was unable to uncover much information about the industry’s record in dealing with this subject.

When our mini blind lawyers came onto the scene, our national scope and extensive resources enabled our mini blind injury attorneys to conduct extensive research. Documents we have obtained through litigation and the Freedom of Information Act now comprise the largest library of “posion” documents, demonstrating the willful, reckless, and wanton nature of the industry’s choice to prioritize profits over the safety of young children. Mini blind injury attorney groups around the nation consult with our firm routinely to benefit from our expertise.

"The only language some window blind manufacturers and retailers seem to understand is litigation. Parents can't possibly put a price on their children's lives, but too many window blind companies have chosen to do just that". – James Onder

Window Blind Strangulation Lawyers: Industry Motivated by Profit Margins

In one civil suit handled by our mini blind strangulation injury attorneys, Ralph Vasami, the head of the Window Covering Association, admitted cored window coverings still pose a risk. When questioned, Vasami admitted, “The hazard is still present.” The industry asserts it has issued a series of voluntary standards to protect children from the risk of mini blind strangulation injuries, yet children continue to die in these tragic incidents. One our mini blind cord attorneys asked Vasami whether children continue to be exposed to miniblind injury dangers under the current voluntary standard. Vasami replied, “Young children, yes.”

Every major manufacturer of window coverings makes a cordless, safe version of their products. However, most of these companies still sell products that feature known miniblind strangulation hazards. Our window blind cord choking attorneys assert that companies continue to knowingly make unsafe window blinds because they are cheaper to manufacture. Manufacturers have testified in multiple cases handled by our mini blind cord injury attorneys that making safe blind would add a cost of $1-2 per unit. Companies are continuing to make and sell dangerous blinds in order to protect profits – and because loopholes in the standard allow them to do so. They are not going cordless because they want to protect their profit margins. The industry has made a conscious decision that it is cheaper to pay off a lawsuit than it is to save human lives. Our miniblind strangulation lawyers believe that only the threat of significant litigation or a mandatory standard will protect children from window blind cord choking accidents.

Mini Blind Cord Lawyers Reveal the Truth

Our window blind cord strangulation injury attorneys are the premier litigators in this particular type of product liability law. Our extensive research has produced the most comprehensive database of documents on mini blind cord strangulation and regulation anywhere in the world. Our database internal documents, meeting minutes and key correspondence originating from most of the major window covering manufacturers as well as the Window Covering Manufacturers Association and Window Covering Safety Council. Our window blind cord injury lawyers have uncovered evidence that industry executives have been aware of the risks posed by corded products since the 1970s. Our documents have been cross-referenced through litigation, and are considered the most complete and telling collection of such “poison” documents. Our database of window covering injury and death incidents is also unrivaled by any other mini blind cord choking attorneys in the United States.

These mini blind lawyers have handled or consulted on litigation against most major window covering manufacturers and retailers in the nation. Here is a current list of the defendants in cases involving our mini blind strangulation injury lawyers:

Manufacturers: All Strong Industries, Bali, Beautiful Windows, Century Blinds, Ching Feng Blinds Industries, Custom Craft, Graber, H.T. Window Fashions, Hunter Douglas, Jencraft, Jumbo Surplus, Kirsch, Levelor, Lewis Hyman, Nien Far Inc. Co., Lotus & Windoware, Inc., Main Fine, Marietta Drapery & Window Coverings, Newell Rubbermaid, Nanik, Nien Made Enterprises, Richfield Window Coverings, Richview Window Coverings, Riviera, Springs Window Fashions, Verticals Unlimited, Whole Space, Wilmar

Retailers: 3 Day Blinds, Ace Hardware, Big Lots, Family Dollar, Handy Andy, Home Depot, IKEA, J.C.Penney, Distributors, K-Mart, Lowes, May Department Stores, Meijer, Menards, Montgomery Wards, Pier 1, Sears, Shop Ko, Super Dollar, Target, Wal-Mart

Our window blind cord injury attorneys have contributed to the mini blind lawsuits and reached settlements for many American families, including the families of the following children:

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