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Mini Blind Attorneys Pursue New CPSC Rule | 11/21/2016

Over the course of the past four decades, hundreds of children have been harmed by hazardous window coverings. Meaningful change, in the way of mandatory industry safety regulations, has been very slow in coming. Fully aware of the risk their products pose to America’s most vulnerable residents, the window covering industry has failed to eliminate cords from window covering products such as miniblinds, shades, and drapes. In response, these miniblind attorneys have launched a concerted effort to mandate the elimination of dangerous window coverings through a petition to the Consumer Products Safety Commission....READ MORE

Recalls Result from Blind Cord Lawsuits | 11/16/2016

A set of voluntary standards govern the safety of window coverings including shades, drapes, mini blinds and window blinds. These standards have been developed and revised by the industry itself, and while they have been effective in eliminating or reducing certain threats, children continue to die of miniblind strangulation. ...READ MORE

National Mini Blind Strangulation Lawsuits | 11/11/2016

Families around the nation who have lost a child to a tragic miniblind accident have filed mini blind strangulation lawsuits. In many cases, this litigation has resulted in significant compensation for the family. No amount of money can make up for the loss of a child or undo the accident that has occurred. However, compensation can give financial security and lend to a feeling of justice grounded in knowing the company has been held accountable for the harm it has caused....READ MORE

Who Can File a Mini Blind Strangulation Injury Lawsuit? | 11/7/2016

If you or a loved one has had a child harmed by a dangerous window covering, you may be eligible to file a mini blind strangulation injury lawsuit. From attorneys who specialize in this division of product liability law, here are some tips and thoughts to consider:...READ MORE

Miniblind Lawsuits for Justice | 11/4/2016

These product liability lawyers specialize in representing parents and families in miniblind lawsuits. From the time this law firm became involved in its first mini blind lawsuit, they have become deeply committed to the cause of eliminating mini blind threats from American homes. Their role in this particular type of litigation has grown and evolved over the years....READ MORE

Miniblind Injury Lawsuits Call for Mandatory Regulations | 11/3/2016

As the leading law firm in the United States representing families in mini blind injury lawsuits, our firm is deeply committed to eliminating this threat once and for all. Death and injury from dangerous window coverings is one of the leading dangers to young children in the United States. It is a silent killer, a threat that faces children in the perceived safety of their own home. Children can be strangled by a cord in a matter of moments, with a loving adult nearby. Cords from mini blinds have been known to pose a lethal threat to young children for decades, yet dangerous products continue to be manufactured and sold by major retailers nationwide....READ MORE

Mini Blind Injury Attorneys Offer Free Case Review | 11/2/2016

If your child has been harmed in a mini blind accident, the last thing on your mind may be filing a claim. The goal of our mini blind injury attorney group is to make this process easy and beneficial for families involved. Whether your child sustained serious injuries or was killed, your family has faced a tremendous trauma and loss. We endeavor to provide supportive legal services that help families navigate through a very difficult time in life....READ MORE

Mini Blind Injury Lawyers Assist Families | 11/1/2016

When a child suffers a mini blind injury, the child’s family sustains a horrific trauma. Some children escape with only minor injuries, but other mini blind injuries result in lifelong disability or death. It is the express goal of our mini blind injury lawyers to support families in this position in every way possible....READ MORE

Lawyers for Mini Blind Injury Lawsuits

Our attorneys handling window blind cord lawsuits worked together with a coalition of consumer and safety groups to write the Petition, including Parents for Window Blind Safety, Consumer Federation of America, Consumer's Union, Kids in Danger, Public Citizen, US PIRG, Independent Safety Consulting, and Safety Behavior Analysis, Inc. Having contributed to more than fifty mini blind strangulation lawsuits and armed with the nation's most comprehensive "poison" document database against the window covering industry, our firm is the premier mini blind choking attorney group in the United States. We see the elimination of window cord dangers through advocacy and mini blind lawsuits as our solemn duty. Contact the firm to speak with an attorney representing blind cord lawsuits today.