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Window Blind Cord Strangulation Injuries - Information for Washington Residents

Mini blind cord strangulation injuries pose a lethal risk to Washington children. Every two weeks, a child in America is harmed or killed in a window blind cord accident. This silent killer affects young children in Washington who live in loving households with attentive adults present. Mini blind strangulation can happen quickly and quietly, when a caregiver turns away for just a moment. What is most infuriating and confounding is that mini blind injuries in Washington are entirely preventable, yet the industry doesn’t care enough to eliminate the risk.

Cordless technology is available and affordable, yet manufacturers continue to make and sell dangerous products that put Washington children at risk for window cord strangulation. Motivated by greed, these companies have chosen to prioritize profits over the safety of young children in Washington. Having represented more than fifty families whose child has been harmed or killed in a window cord accident, our Washington mini blind choking attorneys are committed to holding the industry accountable for their deplorable actions through window cord lawsuits.

We are proud to be the leading voice among Washington mini blind lawyers calling for the elimination of this unnecessary risk. In 2014, our Washington window cord accident attorneys filed a Petition to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), calling for a mandatory standard that would outlaw dangerous corded window coverings. Our extensive mini blind litigation work has forged the way for the success of this Petition, which would eliminate the risk of window cord strangulation in Washington once and for all.

Before our firm started working on mini blind lawsuits in Washington, most people chose a local lawyer to represent their family in a window cord strangulation lawsuit in Washington. Though well intentioned, these local firms had no particular expertise on the subject of Washington mini blind lawsuits. Now, families in Washington have access to the best mini blind cord lawyers available. With the most comprehensive database of poison documents implicating the window blind industry, our firm is regarded as the national leader on mini blind cord injury litigation.

Persons who believe they have grounds to file a window cord strangulation lawsuit in Washington may contact our firm for a free, no-obligation case review. We approach each Washington mini blind lawsuit with the utmost sensitivity and respect. Motivated by an unwavering commitment to justice, our Washington window cord accident attorneys are here to listen to and help your family.

Mini Blind Choking Lawsuit

Mini Blind Injury Hazards

There are many window coverings including drapes, blinds, shades, and curtains that still feature dangerous cords which are for sale in Washington stores. The most common window blind injuries result from horizontal blinds (53%), followedd by vertical blinds and roman shades. Mini blind strangulation from pull cords is most common; other window cord injuries result from continuous loops and inner cords.

These incidents are still occurring after more than thirty years of safety regulations, product development, and mini blind cord litigation. We believe children will only be safe from mini blind dangers when the use of cordless technology is mandated. By filing mini blind lawsuits in Washington on behalf of families whose child has been harmed by a window cord, we put pressure on window blind manufacturers. Through our advocacy efforts on the national level, our Washington mini blind attorneys are pushing for the total elimination of window cord choking hazards.

Window Blind Injury Prevention - The Petition to Ban Corded Window Blinds

Since the Consumer Products Safety Commission started collecting data on window blind cord strangulation incidents in 1985, more than 330 children have been fatally strangled by mini blind cords. All the while, the industry has been aware of the deaths and has slowly and gradually made some changes to improve their products. However, known and entirely preventable window cord strangulations hazards still exist today.

Through extensive research and the piecing together of internal documents, our mini blind attorney team revealed proof the window covering industry has been aware of and purposely ignored significant mini blind cord hazards in order to maximize profit. After decades of inadequate and voluntary regulation, our Washington mini blind lawyers believe a mandatory regulation that outlaws window cords is required to protect our children.

In cooperation with a large coalition of consumer and parent mini blind cord safety groups, our Washington window cord lawyers submitted a Petition for Rulemaking to the CPSC in 2014. The extensive litigation our Washington mini blind cord strangulation attorneys have filed or consulted upon in the past has resulted in a degree of national awareness that we believe will enable the passage of this petition. We filed the petition on behalf of more than fifty families we have represented whose child sustained mini blind cord injuries.

Mini Blind Cord Accident Lawsuits for Washington

If your child was harmed by a dangerous window blind cord, you may have grounds to file a mini blind strangulation lawsuit in Washington. Having contributed to more than fifty mini blind lawsuits in the past in thirty states, our window shade cord attorneys for Washington have the utmost empathy for your experience. We know that no amount of money can bring back a lost child, reverse severe injuries, or erase emotional trauma, yet we do believe that filing Washington mini blind choking lawsuits makes a difference. Families deserve the financial security possible compensation from a window blind cord accident in Washington can provide. Furthermore, an Washington mini blind injury lawsuit will serve to hold manufacturers accountable for the harm their products have caused.

National Window Blind Injury Attorneys Handling Washington Cases

Armed with the largest database of poison documents implicating the window covering industry, our national mini blind accident attorneys, which handle Washington strangulation cases, are prepared to fight for justice on your behalf. With extensive experience representing families and working alongside parents to achieve strict safety regulations, our window cord injury attorneys have the compassion and understanding to provide sensitive representation to families who have lost a child. Our mini blind cord attorneys are available to listen to your personal situation and answer your questions at any time.

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To speak with one of our window blind cord attorneys handling Washington cases, please contact our firm today. We provide free Washington mini blind lawsuit consultation with no further obligation. Should you choose our firm to represent your family, we always work on contingency – meaning we charge no legal fees unless we win compensation on your behalf.

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