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On average, one child is injured or killed in a mini blind cord accident every two weeks. Often playing in their own home, with a loving parent or caregiver close at hand, these children are senselessly harmed in window blind cord accidents that are entirely preventable. Cordless mini blind technology is widespread and affordable; there is no excuse for the failure to eliminate mini blind cord choking dangers.

Window blind manufacturers continue to make and sell products that pose a deadly blind cord strangulation risk to young children in order to maximize company profits. Choosing profits over human life – particularly the lives of innocent, young children – is an unthinkably horrific yet widespread practice.

Our own mini blind injury attorneys are leading voices demanding that window blind cord hazards be eliminated once and for all. Through extensive mini blind cord litigation and advocacy, we have made significant headway toward protecting the safety of American children. Yet mini blind cord strangulation incidents still occur. Inadequate safety standards and industry noncompliance to these standards means that many dangerous window covering products are still sold in the United States.

On behalf of all the parents and families who have lost a child due to hazardous window shade or blind cords, our mini blind cord strangulation attorneys are committed to achieving mandatory, industry-wide regulations that would eliminate window blind strangulation hazards once and for all. Until that occurs, we will continue to pursue mini blind strangulation lawsuits nationwide. While we know that monetary compensation can never replace the loss of a child, we believe families who have suffered as a result of dangerous window blind cords deserve the stability that comes with financial security and the peace of mind found in holding a negligent company accountable for the harm its products have caused.

This website, compiled by our mini blind cord strangulation attorneys, serves as a comprehensive public resource on the history of mini blind cord strangulation deaths and injuries, window shade hazards regulations, and mini blind strangulation and wrongful death lawsuits. Persons who are considering filing a window shade injury lawsuit may contact our firm for a free, no-obligation mini blind cord lawsuit consultation.

Mini Blind Strangulation

Mini Blind Strangulation

Our firm has the largest collection of “poison” documents revealing the window covering industry’s negligence and callous disregard for the prevention of mini blind strangulation injuries. The industry has routinely chosen to manufacture cheaper, corded products instead of using available cordless technologies. This page provides an overview of mini blind choking incidents and regulations over the past four decades.

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Parents and families whose child has been harmed or killed in a mini blind strangulation accident may be eligible to seek compensation by filing a window cord choking lawsuit. We apply our firm’s significant resources and expertise to each mini blind strangulation lawsuit entrusted to us. We work on a contingency basis, meaning we never charge our mini blind lawsuit clients any legal fees unless we win on their behalf.

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Having represented more than fifty families in this arena of litigation and as the only law firm engaged in pushing for industry-wide, mandatory window blind cord regulations, our firm is the nation’s forefront window blind cord injury attorney team. We approach each case with the utmost respect and compassion, aware of the unspeakable trauma and loss your family may have suffered. For a free case review, contact a mini blind injury attorney.

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To speak with a mini blind attorney about your case, please contact our firm. We will be happy to speak with you to learn the details of your circumstances and answer your questions as thoroughly as possible. Our window cord injury lawyers provide free case reviews with no further obligation. Visit this page to contact a blind cord strangulation attorney.

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