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Every Two Weeks, A Child Is Killed by Window Blind Cord Strangulation- Mini Blind Strangulation Hazards and Who is Eligible to File a Mini Blind Claim

Window Blind Cord Choking Injury AttorneyOur window blind injury attorneys were among the groups who filed a Petition for Rulemaking to the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) in 2014. After watching one set of voluntary standards after another fail to keep children safe from window blind cord strangulation hazards, our law firm, together with a strong coalition of parent groups and consumer safety organizations, filed the Petition to demand the adoption of a set of mandatory standards that would eliminate mini blind injuries and deaths completely.

Our extensive research into mini blind cord choking injuries reveals that current industry standards for mini blind cord injury prevention are inadequate. Almost half of the mini blind injuries and deaths that occurred between 1996 and 2012 were caused by window blind strangulation injuries that are not prevented by the current industry standards.

In other words, many of the window blind cord strangulations that have occurred in recent years are linked to products that comply with current standards yet still pose a fatal mini blind strangulation hazard to children. The rest of the window blind cord injuries are the result of noncompliance with the current voluntary standard. We believe there is no excuse for harm to a child from a mini blind, shade, drape, or curtain. We will continue to press for a mandatory, industry-wide standard that would eliminate all window blind cord injury risks on behalf of all the families who have suffered as a result dangerous window coverings. Affordable, safe options exist to prevent mini blind choking deaths and injuries; there is no excuse for the persistence of these tragic incidents.

This page provides a thorough overview of industry regulations, mini blind cord recalls, and window blind injuries, and our firm’s advocacy efforts and extensive mini blind cord strangulation accident litigation.

Types of Mini Blind Injuries and Hazards

The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) identifies corded window coverings as one of the Top 5 Hidden Hazards in American homes. In some cases, mini blind accidents occur because outdated products are still in use. But in all too many cases, the dangerous product is actually in compliance with the current voluntary standard. There are numerous types of mini blind cord accidents that result in injury and fatality.

According to the CPSC, at least 332 children, many of whom were under the age of two, have been fatally strangled by window blind cords since 1985. Another 165 have suffered blind cord choking accidents resulting in injury including serious conditions such as permanent brain damage or quadriplegia requiring lifelong care.

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The CPSC estimates there are at least 11 fatal mini blind strangulations incidents each year for children under the age of 5. Independent experts put the number around 25, or one mini blind cord strangulation every two weeks.

What Types of Blinds Result in Blind Cord Strangulation?

What Types of Cords Result in Mini Blind Accidents?

Mini Blind Injury Attorneys File Petition to CPSC

Our own mini blind cord injury attorneys are among the groups having filed a Petition for Rulemaking to the Consumer Products Safety Commission in order to issue mandatory standards to eliminate window blind strangulation hazards. The Petition asserts that current safety regulations are inadequate to prevent mini blind cord injuries and deaths.

In the first place, the current standard, which was last revised in 2014, still permits dangerous window coverings which feature pull cords and continuous loop cords that can result in strangulation. Secondly, our mini blind strangulation attorneys have identified that noncompliance with the standard is commonplace. More than 16 mini blind cord recalls have been issued for strangulation hazards since 2007 which are related to noncompliance with the voluntary standard. In most cases, mini blind recalls are only issued after one of more children has been injured or killed in a window blind cord strangulation incident.

The Petition specifically calls for the development of a mandatory standard that would require the use of cordless technology whenever possible, and require that cords be made inaccessible with passive blocking devices where cordless technology cannot be utilized. Our mini blind cord strangulation research shows these are the only methods to truly eliminate the risk of window blind cord strangulation. We will not stop pushing this issue, through mini blind cord litigation and through advocacy, until window covering hazards are eliminated once and for all.

The CPSC agrees with our analysis of mini blind cord dangers and safety. In its response to our Petition, CPSC staff wrote, “Staff concluded based on human factors analysis that if cords are accessible and hazardous, window coverings will present a risk of strangulation to young children.”

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It is our wish to safeguard the lives of young children that fuels our efforts as window blind cord accident attorneys. Additionally, we are motivated to force the industry to take responsibility for the harm it has caused. The vast majority of corded window coverings that have led to the harm of young children could have been fabricated with cordless technology. In many cases, companies continue to make dangerous corded window blinds because corded products are cheapest to manufacture. The CPSC estimates the industry would spend 85 cents per corded window covering product, including blinds, shades, drapes and curtains, in order to eliminate the danger of mini blind cord strangulation. Companies that choose profits over human lives and the safety of young children must be held accountable for their negligence.

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